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  Network Design

Yanexeis Corp LAN/WAN Network Services are cost-effective consulting services providing you with the resources and expertise for network analyses, design, and optimization you need to make the right network decisions, implement change with minimal risk and help ensure peak-network performance.

At Yanexeis Corp, we appreciate the importance of a seamless, end-to-end business operation that extends from behind-the-scenes transaction processing to up-front customer servicing. We know that today's successful businesses integrate processes across corporate boundaries, within and outside the organization. We also know that these requirements can strain your network and lead to major performance issues. To help ensure your network is ready to handle these demands, Yanexeis Corp offers a comprehensive set of network services that address virtually all of your network needs. Our suite of services includes:

Assessment: We evaluate your network infrastructure and provide you with the functional requirements needed to support your changing business and network initiatives. Those initiatives may include more users, new applications, new services, or new technologies that come with expansions, mergers, and consolidations. Our network assessment can help ensure a successful integration with minimal risks.

Design: We provide you with a blue print to successfully deploy a new network or modify your current network. Our comprehensive service provides implementation details to integrate new technologies into your existing hardware, software, and applications, and helps you manage that technology after deployment.

Optimization: We review the functional status of your existing network and provide a plan to optimize performance through problem resolution and network fine-tuning.

Network Installation

Whether you are adding to your network, moving an office or opening a whole new branch, let our network professionals put their years of experience and engineering expertise to work for you.

Our premise design and installation specialists provide zero-defect installation and service that your business demands.

We are ready, willing and able to assist you in all phases of your project, from design and implementation to testing, maintenance and support.

Network Maintenance

We at Yanexeis Corp not only install networks, but also maintain them as well, to guarantee maximum uptime and performance. We also provide different service levels to meet your budget and network maintenance needs. Our network maintenance services range from On-Call Support to Remote Monitoring.

Backed by years of network monitoring and management experience, Yanexeis Corp has the know-how to provide you with complete network management solutions, customized specifically to meet your requirements.

As your networks grow in size and complexity, so do the requirements for effective management. Yanexeis Corp IT helps you grow you network by building in flexibility for the future and help you maintain full control of it for maximum productivity and minimum downtime.

Network Upgrade

Yanexeis Corp has extensive experience and a fully knowledgeable staff ready to analyze, design, and implement various types of network system upgrades. The dynamic nature of the computer industry requires Yanexeis Corp to maintain a rigorous training schedule. This helps to ensure that Yanexeis Corp maintain a level of expertise and certification that will provide our customers with complete satisfaction.

Yanexeis Corp has developed to support the following network upgrade services:

  • Server Upgrades
  • Network Operating System Upgrades (NOS)
  • Network Operating System Migrations
  • Application Software Upgrades.
  • LAN Infrastructure Upgrades
  • WAN Deployments

Firewall Protection

A firewall is the most important line of defense between a company's network and the outside world. It serves as a buffer between an organization's internal network (Intranet) and external networks (Internet). Firewalls can provide protection for classified information by using different types of application proxies, which are designed to check every connection that crosses the firewall.

Yanexeis Corp offer the fallowing firewall services:

  • IP Address Management
  • Hacker Attack Prevention.
  • Alerts
  • Java, ActiveX, Cookie, Proxy Blocking
  • Network Access Rules
  • Management sessions - MD5 encrypted passwords
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • Logging and Reporting
  • User Remote Access (from the Internet)
  • ICSA Certification
  • Upgradeability
  • Optional IPSec VPN

Virus Protection

Your anti-virus software is only as good as the last virus outbreak. Therefore, updating, detection, and policy enforcement play a key role in meeting the latest threats and protecting your networks. The challenge is not just having anti-virus software deployed on your company's computer systems, but ensuring your network is protected when a new virus outbreak occurs and distributing anti-virus updates the instant they become available.

Yanexeis Corp IT are a distributed, gateway-enforced solution that ensures always-on, always-updated anti-virus software for every client on your network, while at the same time providing new levels of flexibility for your network servers. With Yanexeis Corp IT services protection, no employee or partner can access the Internet without the latest updates.

Yanexeis Corp IT provides your organization with a highly automated and enforced solution at the desktop, eliminating machine-by-machine anti-virus deployment. By delivering very fast time-to-response during rapid virus outbreaks, it reduces the time and costs associated with administering an anti-virus policy throughout your entire network.

LAN Internet Access

An Internet access is no longer a luxury for businesses... it is a necessity. Increasingly, your customers are going on-line to find information about your products and services and they want to make purchases on-line. This rapid transformation to a customer-driven digital economy means companies that do not get connected to the Internet and develop an effective eBusiness strategy will find it increasingly difficult to compete.

Determining what type of Internet connection to install in your office is often a difficult decision to make. The extensive array of product offerings, advertisements and a host of different solution providers often leave business owners and technical staff faced with the uncomfortable decision of trying to identify the best solution for their company.%0D%0DRegardless of your expertise, networking requirements, or hosting needs Yanexeis Corp IT has a number of cost-effective Internet solutions for your business.%0D%0DResidential Services

Yanexeis Corp has understood the key to success is providing advanced Internet service and support. Our commitment to high standards is the reason why the majority of our new customers are referrals from existing customers.

With the Internet becoming bigger and better everyday, we offer everything you need from dial-up access to personal web space to High Speed Access. Yanexeis Corp IT are always available for your questions, comments or suggestions. Our residential technical support team is available 24 x 7.

Corporate e-mail

In today's business environment, it is vital for companies to be able to communicate via email, bringing people and information together, no matter where they are located. Whether you need to communicate faster and more effectively inside your office or you need to connect to the world, register with Yanexeis Corp today.

Our Corporate Email Plan will give you the simplicity and power of one email system to both internal email and the Internet. It gives your employees total connectivity, allowing each person to communicate clearly and quickly. This package is meant for larger businesses and enterprises. Upgrades are possible to suit your need. You can always customize your plan during online registration.

To establish your Corporate Email Plan, you can either register a new domain name with us or if you've already registered or own a domain name, just bring it to us and we will register the domain name to our Email and DNS servers and associate the domain name to your Corporate Email Plan.



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