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Medical Dictation and Document Management Software

This Software is an electronic medical record (EMR) offers a seamless integration with client-based speech recognition.  Solutions are highly tailored through utilizing specialty-specific speech recognition language models authored and continuously upgraded by our IT staff.   Intuitive and flexible front-end customization is possible as a result of the solution being grounded in Microsoft Word.    Back-end database integrity is afforded via Microsoft SQL Server.  Established interfacing exists between the solution and SQL based practice management software.

Also gives physicians an easy way to track clinical information and quickly create documents from a patientís record.  With it you can create SOAP notes, referral letters, H &P reports and even scan documents right into the system.  You can create any type of medical report and save it to a secure HIPAA-compliant database directly from Microsoft Word. 

You can also store patient Family History, Social History, Medications, Problem List, Allergies and general notes in the database for use in any report or to reference in seconds!

Combine this software with your favorite speech recognition program and a medical language model and you will be creating documents in minutes and eliminating transcription costs!




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