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Our CCTV   DVR Camera Servers utilize Microsoft Windows to manage, display, and store up to 16 CCTV Cameras per server.

Our technology is a multi-channel digital video surveillance system that utilizes MPEG4 video compression technology.

CCTV cameras can be connected and viewed live on a local monitor screen, via the internet or thru a TCP/IP network.

The Remote Playback (RPB) Feature gives remote users download capability on any video file thru and easy to use intuitive DVR-like Video Interface.

There are many new features on the latest version of CCTV Digital Video system. Object counting can keep track of customers and the point-of-sale can keep track of cash transactions and your cash drawer.

Major Features
CCTV Digital Video System major features include multiple resolution recording and display, embedded controls for pan-tilt-zoom cameras, dynamic IP support, even a utility to repair damaged video files.

Multiple Recording Modes

- Motion detection recording
- Around the clock recording
- Pre-schedule recording
- Pre alarm and post alarm recording
- Pre-motion and post-motion recording

Camera Controls

- Independent video brightness and contrast control
- Selectable motion detection sensitivity and masking area for each camera.
- Independent recording quality and frame rate adjustment.

Remote Monitoring Options

- Remote View
- IP Multicast
- Web Interface
- Remote Playback system
- Central Monitoring Center
- View for Win CE Pocket PC
- Embedded PTZ control panel

- Telephone, Pager, Email Alerts
- Audio Recording and Playback with Video
Two Way Audio Communication



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