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  Computer Repair

Don't throw away that old computer! If your computer was manufactured after 1997, or is at least Pentium II class or above, it's definitely worth repairing. Yanexeis Corp IT provides repair service for many types of computers and carries an assortment of hard to find parts.

Hard to find parts such as power supplies for E-Machines and other brand name computers.

On site repair: We come to your home or place of business.

Data rescue: Yanexeis Corp IT can recover data from broken or crashed hard disk drives.


Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance consists of a thorough 'tune up' of the computer.

  • Remove debris from power supply and check ventilation fan(s).
  • Remove debris from internal casing to prevent poor air circulation and static buildup.
  • Apply anti-corrosion protection spray to internal PC components.
  • Perform Hard Disk Scan to identify and fix faulty sectors.
  • Defragmenter hard disk drive to increase drive performance.
  • Assessment and recommendation of performance bottlenecks.

Personal and business computers should undergo a maintenance check at least once per year. In areas that have a high volume of airborne contaminants, such as construction areas or areas where corrosion may be present (such as coastal areas or aboard maritime vessels), maintenance should be performed at least twice per year.

Maintaining your PC can mean the difference between identifying a potential problem ahead of time or finding out about it when it's too late.

Scanning and repairing damaged sectors on your hard drive can save your hours of frustration and expensive data restoration fees. Assessment of recommendation of risk can alert you to potential liabilities that may result in the loss of data or capital.


Computer Upgrades

Upgrading your computer's hardware or software is a low cost way to speed up slow systems, have the latest features of the newest software revisions or protect yourself from hackers who take advantage of security loopholes.

Hardware upgrades: Memory, hard disk capacity, video display adapters, etc.

Software upgrades: Latest versions, security patches, operating system upgrades.


Computer Sales

Yanexeis Corp IT provides custom built computers that meet your specifications and requirements.

  1. Servers: Redundant systems featuring RAID and Disk Mirroring.
  2. Gaming: High end graphic systems for gaming enthusiasts.
  3. Graphics: High end graphic workstations for art design, CAD and graphics professionals.
  4. Desktops: High quality desktop PC's for LAN environment.


Installation & Setup

Yanexeis Corp IT provides custom installation, setup and training for servers, client PC's and applications.

  1. Installation: Server and Client installation for LAN environments.
  2. Installation and setup for Accounting and Point of Sale programs.
  3. Installation of Internet access for multiple offices PC's sharing a single connection.

Virus Protection & Removal

Yanexeis Corp IT provides protection and removal services for single user and multi-user networked PC's.

  1. E-Mail virus scanning for single user and corporate E-mail.
  2. Virus prevention and detection software.
  3. Virus removal services.

Data Backup

Yanexeis Corp IT provides data safeguard services such as redundancy and backup.

  • Data backup service to multiple media types.
  • Fail/Safe Systems and Fault Tolerance Protection.
  • RAID/Disk Mirroring for File Servers.

Technical Support

Yanexeis Corp IT provides service contracts for PC's that cover technical support and repair service.

  • Pay one low monthly price.
  • Includes technical support for operating systems and applications.
  • Includes scheduled PC maintenance and on-site technical service.
  • Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, same day service.




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