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  Internet Access

Yanexeis Corp IT provides several types of Internet access for your home or business including dial up, DSL and T-1 access. In addition, multi user Internet access can provide E-mail and Web browsing capabilities to several users via a single Internet connection.

Firewall and E-mail virus scanning solutions will protect your investment and minimize your exposure to risk while domain name services will allow multiple office personnel to have their own domain name E-Mail address (i.e. you@yourcompany.com).

Internet redundancy and load balancing is available for businesses that rely heavily on their Internet connection and are looking to minimize downtime while augmenting bandwidth.

Single user and LAN access to the Internet via Dial Up, DSL or T-1.

E-mail services, firewall and managed solutions.

Multi-user Internet access for small and medium sized businesses.

Domain name registration and domain name E-mail hosting.

BGP and OSPF multi access homing and load balancing for fail-safe routing.


Voice Over IP

It's a Brand New World. Telecommunications is moving fast. Traditional ways of communicating are rapidly giving way to a New World ushered in by the Internet. IP Phones with Voice over Internet Protocol (IP) is designed for the new Internet era where data, voice converge into a single streamlined network.

 IP Phones gives you a wealth of features and sets the stage for the ultimate multimedia communications environment. With IP Phones you're ready to meet the Internet Communications Era head on Network Multiple Branch Offices with IP.

IP Phones technology provides an integrated Voice over IP Gateway uniquely suited to businesses with multiple branch or remote offices. An IP Phones at one office translates voice into data packets that can be routed over an IP network like your internal Intranet or an external virtual private network (VPN). Another gateway at your call destination captures the data packets and converts them back into voice. The bottom line means long distance and interoffice calls cost you no more than you already pay to your Internet service provider! IP Phones with IP can network multiple branch locations, with a centralized operator. IP Phones linked systems can be managed from one central location. The IP Phones system supports centralized CDR by delivering multiple sites Call Detail into a single SQL Database for unified system wide Call Detail reporting in a multiple site organization.

IP Phones systems allow a company to utilize traditional telephones, IP telephones (LAN/WAN Bases Telephones) or combinations of the two in a seamless communication system. IP Phones advanced architecture raises the bar for the ultimate multimedia communications environment. This IP Phones Communications Server supports traditional telephone lines and trunks as well as the high-speed bandwidth of digital T1/PRI and IP Network Trunking seamlessly. With IP Phones only the customers needs determine the implementation.


Hosting Services

Web hosting refers to the process of publishing a web site so that it is available to the world on the Web. Paid web hosting also involves getting a domain name and not having forced ads displayed on your site.

Domain name is the sequence of letters and number determining the address of your site. You need to register a domain name before your web site becomes accessible.

Yanexeis Corp will guide you to selecting the right domain name, for personal or business use and recommended domain web hosting deal.


Remote Access

Yanexeis Corp IT offers remote access and VPN solutions for businesses that need to connect multiple office locations or users who need to access files and applications from home or while traveling. Yanexeis Corp IT offers solutions from several manufacturers to accommodate security, speed and budgetary requirements.

  • Remote Access.
  • Access files and applications at work from home or while traveling.
  • Private connections using public Internet with encrypted tunneling.
  • Dial up connection using analog phone lines.
  • Virtual Private Networks.
  • Connect multiple office locations for centralized data solutions.
  • Secure private line or encrypted tunneling via the public Internet.
  • Multi Point Private connections using public Internet with encrypted tunneling.

Remote Mail

Remote mail service is ideal for businesses who have work at home employees or traveling employees that need access to company E-Mail. Remote Mail allows you to access your E-Mail from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

If you use Domain Name E-Mail ( i.e. you@yourcompany.com ) and need to access your E-Mail remotely, remote mail allows you to send and receive E-Mail messages and manage your mailbox using a web browser.

When out of office, simply log-in to the remote mail server and administer your E-Mail box directly from the browser. All you need to have is access to the Internet. It's simple, effective and low-cost.


Remote Printing

Remote print allows you to print documents and graphics to a printer that is not physically located in your office or building. Remote print uses the Internet or your private WAN to transmit print jobs to a printer that can be as close as across the street, or as far as across the world.

A typical remote print application is a sales office that prints sales orders or picking tickets to a distribution center that is located in another city.

Remote print operates software-independent and does not require a dedicated server. It is compatible with routers, firewalls and IP filters.



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